At Advanced Health Institute Strategic Solutions we are focused on improving the U.S. Health Care System by teaching health care organizations, clinicians and administrators what we have learned about patient care and the health system as we have traveled with patients across their care settings. From common breakdowns in care plans and communication, to opportunities for staff training and development, to compliance oversight, and readiness, we offer services in support of our vision that the patient outcome is the most important outcome.

AHI Strategic Solutions partners with your team to ensure they’re delivering the best possible services to meet patients’ needs and outcomes, with systems to identify improvement opportunities, to show the impact of those improvements by leveraging the system’s own data, and then to collaborate by offering custom solutions with documented outcomes.


To enhance Quality and Care in all living environments by partnering with our communities and caregivers to provide support, empowerment and strategies for success.


Our Standards

Provide unparalleled customer service to clients during service delivery.

Our clients strive to provide the best customer service to their clients, the patients and residents of their homes and systems.  In order to make sure they get their patient outcomes right, we have to make our services just right.

Maintain the most relevant and timely services for our clients

Continually improve products and processes to ensure that compliance, survey, strategy and financial offerings allow our clients to be at the cutting edge of their market and keeping them poised to grow into the next market.